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About Us

At Corson's Danes, we pour our hearts into every puppy.  From show dogs to best friends, your next Dane is here!

Our Story

Welcome to our website! Let me share a bit about our journey with Great Danes. It all started before my oldest son Bradley was born (Now he's 23) when my husband Nick and I welcomed our first Great Dane into our lives.


Later we had a 2nd son, Brint, and as he grew up, we decided to add another member to our family, and that's when we rescued our second Great Dane. She had a special bond with Brint, following him around and protecting him as he took his first steps. She was truly an incredible dog, and her memory lives on in our hearts.

After some time, as Nick and I pursued our college education, we patiently waited for the right moment to bring another Great Dane into our lives. One day, while on my way to work in Indiana, I noticed a familiar house with puppies in the yard. The lady who lived there had always had Great Danes, so I gathered the courage to strike up a conversation. That's when I met Mercedes, one of the last puppies available, and she instantly chose me as her companion.

The lady I got Mercedes from, Sherry, was a seasoned show Dane enthusiast who had dedicated years to the breed. It turned out to be her last litter, and she took me under her wing, imparting invaluable knowledge about breeding, maintaining breed purity, and showing respect to the Dane community. I made a promise to Sherry that I would continue her legacy and do my best to raise healthy, well-bred Danes.

Over the years, I attended various classes, delving into the world of dog shows and constantly learning from industry experts. It has been a humbling and educational experience, filled with triumphs and personal growth. I've gained insights into OFA testing, the responsibilities of a reputable breeder, and the standards set by AKC for Great Danes. My aim is to be the best, most responsible breeder I can be, contributing to the betterment of the breed and upholding its standards.

I firmly believe in doing things right, dedicating my utmost effort to raise dogs in a way that positively impacts the Dane community. It's about being part of the solution, not the problem. By striving to meet the highest standards and focusing on responsible breeding practices, I hope to play a role in keeping Great Danes at their best.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more about our beloved Great Danes with you.

~ Tiffany Corson, owner.


Meet our Amazing Danes

At Corson's Danes, we take great pride in our exceptional canine companions. Each one of our dogs possesses unique qualities that make them truly special. Allow us to introduce them to you:

Clyde - A Wonderful and Sweet Companion: Clyde is an extraordinary dog with a heart full of love. Known for his gentle and mellow nature, he adores everyone and everything around him. Clyde is sure to brighten your day with his affectionate personality.

Holly - My Devoted Shadow: Holly is more than just a pet; she is my constant companion. She faithfully stays by my side, supporting me through every step of life's journey. When I face difficulties walking or navigating stairs, Holly lends a helping paw. While she is fond of everyone she meets, her bond with me is truly special.

Bailey - Enhancing Bloodlines and Show Potential: Bailey comes to us from another esteemed breeder, chosen specifically to enhance our bloodlines and excel in the show ring. With only one point and her majors left to secure, she is on the verge of finishing her championship. Recently, her sister accomplished this feat. Bailey's love for the farm is evident, and she enthusiastically joins us for runs on the golf cart.

Tank - A Triumph of Breeding: Tank, the pride of our breeding program, embodies the success we strive for. As the son of Holly and Morris, he has exceeded our expectations. Tank was nominated for the futurity last year and secured an impressive second place. Only a single puppy dog managed to surpass him and claim victory at the national futurity. Already a recipient of all his majors, Tank completed his championship by the time he turned 15 months.  Next, Tank will travel to Nationals in New Mexico in 2023 where he will be competing as a champion in best of breed!

Not just a talented show dog, Tank possesses a delightful goofiness that fills the farm with joy. He has an abundance of personality, relishes playing with toys, enjoys frolicking in the pond, and cherishes his exhilarating runs across the expansive farm.

At Corson's Danes, we cherish our dogs and strive to provide them with the best care and love possible. With each unique personality and remarkable trait, our dogs exemplify the passion we have for this noble breed.

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